Wags ‘n Wiggles Pet Sitters was founded in the Spring of 2013 by Linda Abrahamson and Patti Morin.  Both of us are pet owners who want nothing but the best for our critters and we understand concerns other pet owners have for their own furry friends.  Each of us has had bad experiences when boarding our pets. Upon sharing these experiences with each other we thought that there had to be others in our area who had the same concerns.  Hence, Wags ‘n Wiggles Pet Sitters was created.

Patti moved to the Kerrville area seven years ago upon retiring as an elementary school teacher.  She is a very active volunteer with the local VA Hospital and the Red Cross.  She recently received the Volunteer of The Year Award as well as various other rewards regarding her activities in the Texas Hill Country area.  In addition to her passion for volunteering she loves animals.  Patti is owned by her own very special rescue pup – Bailey, a Havenese and one of the sweetest most lovable pups you could every meet.

Linda and her husband moved to the Texas Hill Country in 2012 after retiring from their business of 30 years.  They are owned by Sugar, a lovable mixed breed terrier of unknown origin.  She was rescued off the streets of San Antonio by Linda’s husband.  Attempts were made to find her original owners but to no avail and now she is exactly where she belongs – in Linda’s lap or beside her in bed at night (sssh! Dont tell Linda’s husband!)  Sugar shares ownership of the Abrahamsons with Beau, a three year old Standard Poodle.  Beau is into anything and everything and tries to coerce Sugar into sharing his  mischief.